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Lenders' capital is at risk

Built on deep industry experience, independent monitoring and an unwavering commitment to credit, we’re delivering a peer-to-peer property finance service that puts you in control.

  • 100% focus on residential property and bridging finance
  • Deep expertise in credit risk assessment, property development and lending
  • Rigorous due diligence, credit assessment and external monitoring on every loan
  • Full loan documentation, credit reports, third party updates available to registered lenders
  • Lender and Credit Teams available via phone and face to face for all lender inquiries
  • Start lending from £2,500, Earn the full return, minus a lender fee

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Registering as a lender gives you access to full development proposals, detailed credit papers, loan documentation, third party reports and valuations for every opportunity on our marketplace.

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Lenders' capital is at risk

Understanding risk

Before deciding to lend, you should make sure you understand the risks associated with residential property finance. To help with this, you can read about the different types of risks on our Understanding Risk page.

Step 1

Register at investandfund.com

Registration gives you access to our lending marketplace so you can see live loans, read our credit assessments and third party reports. To complete the process and start lending, we need to conduct identity and anti-money laundering checks. To do this, we ask for your date of birth, bank account details and address. In accordance with FCA regulations you will also be asked to declare your lender status and complete a suitability process to ensure that you understand property lending and the risks involved. We don’t share this information.

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Step 2

See every loan

When you register we give you full access to all the information we have on each loan, from our credit papers and assessments to in-house updates, independent surveyor and monitoring reports along with site photos and updates. We thoroughly review and assess every developer we work with and take security and legal charges on every loan. Our credit team and lender relations team are on hand to answer questions and deliver a trusted, valued service.

Step 3

Choose and lend

When you’re ready to lend, you simply bid on an opportunity you’re interested in via our Lending Marketplace. Remember, Lenders capital is at risk. We’ll allocate your bid to the development project and let you know when the developer has drawn down the loan - usually no longer than five days. From that point on, you're earning interest on your loan.


Step 4


We keep you updated as the development begins and regularly throughout the build. Our business development team visit every development site regularly and our panel of independent monitoring surveyors and valuers see each site before every release of funds throughout the project. We continue to monitor the project and update you through to project maturity.


Step 5


At the completion of a successful project, we’ll return your capital and your interest – repaid directly into your Invest & Fund account.

Step 6

Defaults, early repayments and overruns

We do our best to find exceptional opportunities, but sometimes not everything goes to plan. Whatever the situation – a delay, a default or an early repayment – we have a team in place who have been there, done that and have a very clear understanding of the risks associated with property lending. We know we’ll be judged on the quality of the opportunities we put forward, so we do everything we can to deliver the best outcome for our lenders.


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Lenders' capital is at risk

  • Gross interest rates from 7% to 8.5% p.a. on first charge residential development and bridging loans
  • Full loan documentation, credit reports, third party monitoring
  • Register easily, see everything, start lending
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  • 100% focus on residential bridging and development
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